August 02, 2006


It was the staff welcome party at work the other night, and I had this thoroughly disturbing conversation with one of my box office sales staff:

Her: You're only twenty-two? But you look so much older than me!
Me: [...]

Then, later on, while re-telling this story to others:

Me: ...'But you look so much older than me!' I mean, can you believe that?
Her: Well, I see what she means, you really don't look twenty-two. I'd say more like... twenty-six.
Me: [...]
Her: But is looking old really a bad thing?

Now I know how Adrienne feels all the time.

Thankfully, upon thoughtful reflection, I have decided that this says more about some interesting social psychological mechanism whereby people in positions of authority appear older to their subordinates, than it does about my age-ravaged features.

I have also decided that those two employees are going to be on latrine duty for the rest of the Fringe.


sean said...

did i tell you how it turns out my (other) friend Andrew thought i was 35 and married? :((((((((

Andrew said...

Ouch. Why did he think you were married, though? If it was because your face is always full of companionable bliss, I think that's a good thing.

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